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Final Space

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Watch Series Final Space Online at CouchTuner. Final Space is a serialized intergalactic space saga about an astronaut named Gary and his adorable, planet-destroying friend, Mooncake. The series will follow their adventures as they embark on a quest to unlock the mystery of “Final Space”, the place where the entire universe ends.     Episode […]


For the People

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Watch Series For the People Online at CouchTuner. Set in the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York, aka “The Mother Court”, For The People follows brand-new lawyers working for both the defense and the prosecution handling the most high-profile and high-stakes federal cases in the country – all as their […]


Falling Water

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Watch Series Falling Water Online at CouchTuner. A mind-bending drama, Falling Water is the story of three unrelated people, who slowly realize that they are dreaming separate parts of a single common dream. Each of them is on a mysterious and highly personal quest–one is searching for his missing girlfriend, one is searching for a […]



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Watch Series Frequency Online at Couch-Tuner. Frequency surrounds Detective Raimy Sullivan who has always wanted to prove that she is nothing like her father. In 1996, when Raimy was eight years old, NYPD Officer Frank Sullivan left Raimy and her mother, Julie, behind when he went deep undercover, got corrupted, and got himself killed. Or […]


Fear The Walking Dead

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Watch Series Fear The Walking Dead Online at CouchTuner. Living in the same universe as The Walking Dead, Fear the Walking Dead is a gritty drama that explores the onset of the undead apocalypse through the lens of a fractured family. Set in a city where people come to escape, shield secrets, and bury their […]


Fresh Off the Boat

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Watch Series Fresh Off the Boat Online at CouchTuner. It’s the ’90s and 12 year old, hip-hop loving Eddie just moved to suburban Orlando from DC’s Chinatown with his parents. It’s culture shock for his immigrant family in this comedy about pursuing the American Dream. Fresh Off the Boat is based on Chef Eddie Huang’s […]



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Watch Series Fortitude Online at CouchTuner. Fortitude is a place like nowhere else. Although surrounded by the savage beauty of the Arctic landscape, Fortitude is one of the safest towns on earth. There has never been a violent crime here. Until now. In such a close-knit community a murder touches everyone and the unsettling, mysterious horror […]


Family Guy

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Watch Series Family Guy Online at CouchTuner. Family Guy follows Peter Griffin the endearingly ignorant dad, and his hilariously offbeat family of middle-class New Englanders in Quahog, RI. Lois is Peter’s wife, a stay-at-home mom with no patience for her family’s antics. Then there are their kids: 18-year-old Meg is an outcast at school and […]



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Watch Series Forever Online at CouchTuner. Married couple June and Oscar live a comfortable but predictable life in suburban Riverside, CA. For 12 years they’ve had the same conversations, eaten the same meals and taken pleasant vacations at the same rented lake house. But after June talks Oscar into shaking things up with a ski […]


Falling Skies

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Watch Series Falling Skies Online at CouchTuner. The series tells the story of the aftermath of a global invasion by several races of extraterrestrials that neutralizes the world’s power grid and technology, quickly destroys the combined militaries of all the world’s countries, and apparently kills over 90% of the human population within a few days. […]


Finding Carter

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Watch Series Finding Carter Online at CouchTuner. Finding Carter is a family drama that centers on Carter, a teenage girl who thinks she has the perfect life until one night after a police bust at a high school party she is told that the woman who she believes to be her biological mother actually abducted […]



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Watch Series Fargo Online at CouchTuner. Fargo is an American crime drama with some dark comical elements inspired by the film Fargo written by the Coen brothers. It was met with considerable acclaim as insurance salesman Lester Nygaard faces off against the psychopath Lorne Malvo.     Episode List – Full Episode List Season 3 […]


Faking It

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Watch Series Faking It Online at CouchTuner. Faking It is a romantic comedy about two best friends who love each other – in slightly different ways. After numerous failed attempts to become popular, the girls are mistakenly outed as lesbians, which launches them to instant celebrity status. Seduced by their newfound fame, Karma and Amy […]